Portcities Southampton
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Preparing a liner

Supplying the liner

Thumbnail Fruit and Veg ready to leave Squire & Co depot [10146]

Fruit and veg ready to leave depot
Local businesses profited from the huge amounts of supplies needed to restock the liners whilst they were in port.  Here, trucks loaded with fruit and vegetables are departing Squire's depot for the docks.

Thumbnail Loading 'Home Grown Tomatoes' from the Dockside [10082]

Loading from the dockside
Stores such as the fresh tomatoes seen here would be loaded onto the ship using conveyor belts that carried the supplies into the vessel’s hold. The increasing speed of the liners made carrying such cargo and supplies more practical.


Bealing Nursery Staff
Bealing Nurseries provided flowers and plants for the liners whenever the ships came into Southampton. They would organise elaborate displays or simple palms.


Bealing display aboard 'Majestic'
The flowers supplied by Bealing created an air of glamour and luxury, fresh flowers for the public rooms, passenger's cabins, the dining tables and corsages for the ladies in the evening.

Thumbnail Women working in laundry building [10116]

Women working in laundry

Local laundries profited from the massive amount of laundry business it took to keep the liners supplied with clean linen each time the ships came into port.