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Wreck Report for 'England's Glory', 1881

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Unique ID:14701
Description:Board of Trade Wreck Report for 'England's Glory', 1881
Creator:Board of Trade
Copyright:Out of copyright
Partner:SCC Libraries
Partner ID:Unknown


(No. 1232.)


REPORT of an Inquiry held at Invercargill, N.Z., on the 14th November 1881, into the stranding of the barque "ENGLAND'S GLORY," of London.

I. That the official number of said ship, called the "England's Glory," is 60,919, of which William Knight is master, who holds a certificate of competency, and which ship belonged to Edward Henry Rowland Moon, of London, ship owner.

II. That the loss or damage, herein more particularly mentioned, happened on the seventh day of November 1881, at about 10.30 o'clock in the forenoon, on the coast of New Zealand, about one mile to the westward of Bluff Harbour.

III. That the loss or damage appears by the evidence to have been caused by the ship being taken too close to the land, under directions from the pilot, until she was prevented by the counter current from answering her helm, and so drifted ashore.

IV. That the nature of the loss or damage done was total wreck.

That the vessel was insured for 6,000l.—company unknown.

That the "England's Glory" is barque rigged; her port of registry London, her registered tonnage 751. That no lives were lost through the wreck.

That the loss of the ship "England's Glory" was occasioned by an error of judgment on the part of the pilot in altering the ship's course for the purpose of enabling her to pick up the pilot boat, so bringing her too close to the shore and within the influence of the eddies with her head inshore.

Two safer courses appear to have been open to the pilot; he could either have pulled out into mid-channel and have boarded the ship there, or he could have signalled her to round to on the starboard tack till he could have boarded her; and it appears to me that when the ship failed to pay off, as a last resource her anchors ought to have been let go.

I am of opinion that no blame attaches to the master or officers of the said ship, and their certificates have been returned to them, and no order will be made for costs.

Given under my hand this 14th day of November 1881, at Invercargill, New Zealand.




Justice of the Peace and Resident Magistrate.

We concur in the above report.









L 867. 1002. 80.—1/82. Wt. 203. E. & S.


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