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Wreck Report for 'Lola Malta', 1895

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Unique ID:16812
Description:BOT Wreck Report for 'Lola Malta', 1895
Creator:Board of Trade
Copyright:Out of copyright
Partner:SCC Libraries
Partner ID:Unknown


(No. 5153.)


Court of Judicial Police for the Island of Malta.

29th day of May 1895.

Re stranding of the British schooner "LOLA MALTA."

The British schooner, "Lola Malta," belonging to the port of Malta, official number 101,551, of 67 registered tonnage, in charge of Nicola Montibello, holding a first-class master mariner's certificate, dated Malta, 23rd July 1849, is owned by Alfonse Maria Farrugia, of Malta.

On the 10th March 1895, she had left at 6 a.m. the port of Catania for Tunis, laden with wine, having her owner on board as a seaman. Her crew was composed of eight men all told. Under variable winds, at 4 a.m. on the 12th March 1895, she was off Granitola Lighthouse, three miles away from the land. The wind was blowing hard from the S.S.E., the weather being hazy and the sea very high. At dawn the wind blew from the W.S.W., gradually blowing into a gale at 6.30 a.m., and turning to S.S.W. It was then blowing a gale, which carried away the lower top-sail and reef-mizzen and the jib, and threw the ship on her beam-ends. The sea washed the deck, carrying away the jolly-boat with one of her davits, and breaking the upper cabin. At about 10.30 a.m., the ship running before the wind, came near Cape Feto, and it being impossible to navigate the ship, she was beached, and there the owner and the crew, with the assistance received from shore, succeeded in landing safe. The ship was temporarily abandoned until the weather moderated. She ad suffered material damage, which was afterwards repaired at Marsala.

The Court after hearing the evidence corroborating the master's statement, found that Master Nicola Montebello was not to blame at all for the accident.

It was the act of God. Captain Nicola Montebello behaved in a seamanlike manner, saving life and property.




Magistrate for the

Island of Malta.

We concur.







Opinion of Assessors.

Schooner "LOLA MALTA."

We, the undersigned master mariners, appointed nautical assessors for the purpose of assisting the magistrate, Dr. G. Mifsud, in the case of stranding of the British schooner "Lola Malta," which took place on the 12th of March 1895, on Cape Feto, S.W. coast of Sicily, report as follows:—

After hearing the statement of master and crew, also with reference to entries in the log-book, we are of opinion that Captain N. Montebello did all in his power to avoid the accident; but the storm being too severe, he was compelled for the safety of the lives of those on board to beach the ship, and by so doing all lives were saved, and also the property of the owners.

Given under our hands, this 29th day of May 1895.









The 29th of May 1895.

Seen and read to Master Nicola Montebello.



GM. B. MIFSUD, Magistrate.

Issued in London by the Board of Trade on the

24th day of June 1895.

87089—16. 110.—6/95. Wt. 165. E. & S.


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