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Wreck Report for 'Freshfield', 1895

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Unique ID:16841
Description:BOT Wreck Report for 'Freshfield', 1895
Creator:Board of Trade
Copyright:Out of copyright
Partner:SCC Libraries
Partner ID:Unknown


(No. 5105.)


FINDING and Order of a Naval Court held at the British Consulate-General at Monte Video on the fourth day of February 1895 to investigate the circumstances attending the stranding of the British steamship "FRESHFIELD," of the port of Liverpool, official number 99,383, on Flores Island Reef on the 15th January 1895, when on a voyage from Monte Video to Flores Island; to inquire into the measures taken for saving the ship and cargo, and into the conduct of the master, certificated mates, and crew of the said vessel.

The "Freshfield" is a British steamship of 1,750 tons registered tonnage, official number 99,383, built at Sunderland in 1892, and belonging to the port of Liverpool.

It appears from the evidence given before this Court that she sailed from Monte Video on or about the 15th January 1895, bound for Flores Island with a cargo of general merchandise and cattle, and a crew of 26 hands all told, and 9 cattle men.

The Court, having regard to the circumstances above stated, finds as follows:—

That the master, John Fleming, appears to have navigated his vessel in a seamanlike and proper manner, and, when a casualty was inevitable, to have done everything in his power to avert further damage and to save ship and cargo.

That the Court sees no ground for blaming the conduct of the master, and the Court is of opinion that he gave proper directions after the ship struck, and deserves praise for the manner in which he performed his duty.

That the officers and crew appear to have conducted themselves properly and used their utmost exertions to save ship and cargo.

That proper discipline appears to have been maintained on board the "Freshfield."

That upon the evidence given the vessel appears to have been well found, sufficiently manned, and seaworthy at the time of her departure from Monte Video.

That her cargo appears to have been well and properly stowed.

That she had a deck cargo of cattle.

That she was not overloaded.

That the log-book has been well kept.

That the "Freshfield" appears to have been properly supplied with charts.

That the Court desires especially to direct the attention of the Board of Trade to the fact that shipping now during quarantine are obliged to go to Flores Island Lazarette to receive a medical visit; and it appears from the evidence that owing to the want of proper communication vessels are required to anchor dangerously near the shore, and the Court is of opinion that this should be made known to shipping visiting the River Plate.

And also the Court considers it desirable to direct the attention of the Board of Trade to the doubtful competency of many of the River Plate pilots.

The Court therefore orders that, in accordance with the powers contained in section 263 of 17 and 18 Vict. c. 104, the costs of the proceedings before the said Court be paid by John Fleming, the master of the British steamer "Freshfield," one of the parties thereto, and he is hereby ordered to pay the said amount accordingly.

The expenses of this Court, fixed at 4l. 12s. 0d., are approved.




H.B.M. Acting Consul-General,





Lieut. R.N., H.M.S. "Acorn,"

at Monte Video,

Member of Court.




Master of British steamer

"Pembridge," of London,

Member of Court.

81564—228. 110.—3/95. Wt. 60. E. & S.


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