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Queen Mary Voices

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Queen Mary voices
  She stood 60 feet from the waterline to the bow, and more than a quarter of a mile long, and she stood the height of a 20 storey block of flats  They had a big map in the restaurant with models of the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary and they used to proceed on the map so everybody knew where each ship was 
Audio icon2Telephonist (4:01)
Audio icon2Working in the kitchens (2:16s)
Audio icon2Bellboy duties on Queen Mary (2:04)
Audio icon2Burma Road (3:33)
Audio icon2Queen Mary's whistle sounds (0:13)
Audio icon2Queen Mary trials in Scotland (1:28)
Audio icon2Queen Mary leaving the Clyde (1:08)
Audio icon2Queen Mary delivered to Southampton (1:30)
Audio icon2Queen Mary captain and his ship (0:51)
Audio icon2Touring the Queen Mary (1:25)
Audio icon2"Everyone wanted a job on the liners" (1:59)
Audio icon2The Queen Mary crew (1:02)
Audio icon2Queen Mary bellboy`s first trip to sea (0:42)
Audio icon2Film stars in Queen Mary's Verandah Grill (2:33)
Audio icon2Finding flowers for the Queen's visit to Queen Mary (1:51)
Audio icon2Working in a shop on board Queen Mary (3:05)
Audio icon2Queen Mary accident (0:46)
Audio icon2"Big ships were the money ships" (2:17)
Audio icon2Bringing back contraband from the States (3:40)
Audio icon2Perks of working on the 'Mary' (2:31)
Audio icon2Bellboys rollerskating on the deck of Queen Mary (1:33)
Audio icon2Queen Mary takes the Blue Riband (1:58)
Audio icon2Queen Mary sails for the last time (2:14)