Portcities Southampton
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PortCities Southampton aims to document the city`s involvement with shipping between 1930 and 1945. Many ships used the port before and after this time - few were as famous as White Star Line`s Titanic.

`Titanic` leaving Southampton

Magnifying glass`Titanic` leaving Southampton

White Star Line`s Titanic

Discover the background to the building of Titanic for White Star line and her dramatic end, on PortCities Liverpool.

Ice and controversy

Major accidents often cause the shipping world to think again about the safety of their ships. Learn about the measures put in place after the Titanic disaster.

Titanic - a Southampton story

Titanic sailed from the port of Southampton on 10 April 1912. Five days later, she sank with great loss of life after striking an iceberg. Relive the story of the `unsinkable ship` and the impact on Southampton City Council heritage microsite.

Titanic gallery

This collection, from Southampton City Libraries and Oral History Archive, brings together archive photographs and sound clips of oral testimony. Audio clips describe the excitement of a new ship in dock, the near-collision with the New York as she departed. The speakers describe Titanic striking the iceberg, the launch of the lifeboats and rescue by Carpathia. Meanwhile, residents of the town speak of the `great hush descending`. Relive the memories of those who lost family and friends as they speak of how it changed their lives.

Titanic crew list

A Titanic crew list giving name, age, address, place of birth, department on ship, position and fate of each crew member.