Portcities Southampton
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About Us


PortCities Southampton is a digital maritime archive from Southampton City Council and its partners. We hope it will become your first port of call for shipping information. New content will continue to be added until March 2005. Whether you wish to expand your knowledge, conduct research or simply satisfy curiosity about the social history of the time, PortCities Southampton will offer you a rich online experience.

PortCities Southampton will be making available for the first time in one location a variety of information on ships, docks and shipping between 1930 and 1945. You will find Lloyd`s Register of Ships, extensive photographic records and the recorded memories of people present in the time of passenger liners and the greatest conflict in human history (World War Two). In some cases, it will be the first time the material has been widely seen.

You will naturally find information about the people and port of Southampton and you will also be able to compare this with London`s docklands of the time. There will be a large body of information on individual ships and you will be able to search this.

It is made possible by a grant from the New Opportunities Fund (NOF). Through its EnrichUK programme, NOF will offer learning opportunities for all.